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The authenticity of things - our top priority.

Experts Trends Hunters - qualified specialists with extensive experience working with luxury brands. They scrutinize every product for authenticity. We ensure that the entire range of multi-site passes the examination of quality and authenticity. We know exactly how to distinguish genuine products from the replica, and pay attention to every detail - from the composition and quality of materials to the execution of joints and fittings.

Examination of Trends Hunters consists of several stages:

  • Visual verification of the authenticity of the seller moderating placed photos.
  • Expert moderation stated price.
  • Examination office for authenticity, quality and compliance with the claimed description. At discrepancy of the buyer will be asked to buy a product at a reduced price or cancel the order.

To authenticate the bags we use ENTRUPY innovative device - Microscope with artificial intelligence algorithms, which provides digital certificate of authenticity. We are not fundamental to the authentication device results ENTRUPY, but only on his personal experience, gained over the years in the sale of branded handbags. ENTRUPY today works with 15 brands: BALENCIAGA, BOTTEGA VENETA, BURBERRY, CELINE, CHANEL, CHLOE, COACH, DIOR, FENDI, GOYARD, GUCCI, HERMES, LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, SAINT LAURENT.

Customer agreement provides for a fine in the amount of $ 50 (for brand products Hermes - $ 100) for trying to give a fake for the original product and account lock (under penalty means the payment by the seller of expertise).

If the original stuff is beyond doubt, but any is not within the application (color, size, quality, state of things), Trends Hunters platform administrator can negotiate a discount from the manufacturer or return the item back.

Our fee includes the guarantee of quality and authenticity of the product, expertise in Trends Hunters office, as well as authentication using ENTRUPY device. We carefully select the goods for you, we work with a reliable payment system, guarantee the security of the transaction. Learn more about the size of our commission you can learnhere.

We are grateful for your responsible attitude to pre-sales of goods. In case the product of any contamination, we ask you in advance to clean and prepare your stuff for sale.

With the delivery conditions you can findhere. After placing your order you will be able to track the status of order processing and shipping information in the Dashboard.

The shipping costs depend on the destination. More information you can findhere.

Yes, you can manually track the delivery status in the Dashboard in the "My Orders".

Delivery of goods in Ukraine is carried out within 2-7 business days, depending on the product location and destination. Products from the "In the showroom," will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time, as available to them self.

Delivery times around the world are calculated individually, depending on the destination, but as a rule, do not exceed 10 working days. These time frames are approximate only, and Trends Hunters is not responsible for the delay of the goods at the border.

Operational feedback - good sales! If the buyer is interested in your product and your order, you need to confirm the deal in the Dashboard and send your item to our office within 2 business days. After passing the examination of the goods Trends Hunters, you will receive payment for the goods sold in your bank account. Check the relevance of your payment information in the Dashboard to the successful implementation of payment.

Sold thing is Trends Hunters? Do not forget to remove it from the market in order not to frustrate the interested buyers.

Interested in product? Click on the buttonFollow the price on his page. The selected item will appear in your personal account in the "Price changes", and you'll be notified of all future price changes.

To sell the thing on Trends Hunters, fill form add goods for sale: select the partition, product name, brand, category, color, material and size. Specify that comes with the product (Bellow, printed cloth, box).

Accompany the most detailed description of the goods (Council Trends Hunters: do not neglect this point, because that description will help the buyer to make a decision!) Make sure that you specify the defects, if any.

Add high-quality photos - they talk about the product best. The better pictures, the faster your product will find its happy customer.

To complete the registration, specify the state of the commodity sales and prices in national currency. To adequately assess immediately the goods, look for similar products in the Trends Hunters, which were sold earlier.

Done! As soon as the goods pass moderation, we will send you a notification of the start of the sale.

Your ad was disapproved? Here are the reasons for which ads may be rejected our team of moderators:

  • 1.Poor condition or quality of the goods
  • 2.Too high a selling price
  • 3.Brand your product does not apply to luxury and premium segment, or does not conform to the format Trends & nbsp; Hunters
  • 4.This product completely lost its relevance.

If you want to bring your wardrobe in order and match fashion trends, the service "Call stylist" will help you make the wardrobe competent and useful, profitable to sell unwanted items, make bows for every day. More details about the service you can find outhere.

goods return conditions are different depending on the vendor type.

Goods bought from private sellers, exchange and non-refundable. If an item does not fit, you can re-sell the thing on Trends Hunters platform.

Goods purchased from professional sellers, can be returned within 14 calendar days of receipt. For more information on conditions of return you can learnhere.

We guarantee full security of your personal data. Trends Hunters does not receive or store your credit card details. A compound with the payment system and information transfer is made in a secure way using SSL encryption protocol. If you have any questions, please refer toPrivacy Policy Trends Hunters.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team:

+38 050 682 55 55

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